Weapons mint Q1 2023.

Weapons for my NFTs?

Oh yeah. You’re going to need them to battle with your Rabbits, Moles, and Outlanders in the Mole Wars Battle App.
Our first-in-space Battle Class NFTs (see below) grant your favorite NFTs a set of Stats: Strength, Agility, Wit, Health, Reflexes, and Luck.
Weapons grant bonuses to those some of those Stats, and allow you to attack and deal damage!
All Weapons can be used with any NFT you choose, but Mole Wars is a strategic game. As you play, you’ll work out which Weapons pair well with which Battle Class NFTs.
Rack enough wins in Mole Wars, and collect enough $DEAD, and you’ll be able to apply your favorite Weapon to your favorite Dead Rabbit universe NFT permanently.
Dead Rabbit universe NFTs with Weapons applied receive a 50% staking bonus.

Wait, what are Outlanders?

That’s covered in the Battle Class NFTs section, below!