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Our Vision

We are artist nerds who set out to create a fun project that reflects our love of 80s & 90s movies, cyberpunk, music, cyphers, dope outfits, and Cardano.

We’re an art-focused, community-driven team. Our first goal is to make iconic art that becomes synonymous with Cardano.
Our second goal is to offer membership into an exclusive community that has ongoing access to memorable social experiences like the Hunt for the Rabbit Ronin and the Dead Event--first-in-space scavenger hunts that took place online, and IRL in over 20 cities worldwide. We stuck to our guns and didn’t rush–each accessory and expression is meticulously drawn by hand. Similarly, we believe that organic social growth is the key to a project that lasts.
We didn't rush to mint, and we don't use flash-in-the-pan marketing tactics. Dead Rabbits were conceived from the beginning to stand the test of time.