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How it Works

The Mole Wars Battle App is not a video game.

It's a gamified round-based app, similar to a cross between a simplified online trading card game and a simplified roleplaying game.
Each round you roll for Initiative to see who goes first. You select the Weapon you want to use. You roll to hit. You roll for damage. And you can change your Weapon each round if you like, to take advantage of your opponents weaknesses.

Ok I get it! Tell me more.

1. Connect your wallet and enter the Mole Wars environment. The app IDs all NFTs, including Weapons and Battle Class NFTs, that you hold in your wallet.
2. The app visually prompts you to select the Rabbit, Mole, or Outlander NFT you want to battle with. You’ll give your hero a name. The app tracks all victories with that NFT.
3. After you select your NFT, the app visually prompts you to select the Battle Class NFT you want to use. This NFT grants your Rabbit, Mole, or Outlander its in-game stats. There are 12 Battle Classes for Rabbits, 12 for Moles, and 12 for Outlanders. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, making for a highly strategic game.
4. Once you select your Battle Class NFT and the Weapon you want to use during the first round of combat, you’ll be paired to battle with another player at random.
5. Remember, Weapons upgrade your battle stats, including the amount of damage you deal to your opponent.
6. The app prompts you to take actions during each round of combat. You’ll roll for Initiative, roll to hit using your equipped Weapon, strategically change Weapons during each subsequent round if you choose, and deal damage on successful attacks. You are victorious when you’ve reduced the other combatant to 0 Health.
7. As your victories in Mole Wars pile up, you’ll earn:
· Discord Rank Badges with role titles
· Rank Insignia NFTs
· A spot on the Mole Wars leaderboards for Rabbits, Moles, and Outlanders
· The right to make Victory! Tweets
· The right to upgrade your Rabbit or Mole NFT with an exclusive Rank Insignia badge! This badge grants a 50% staking bonus to your Rabbit or Mole.
· The right to upgrade your Rabbit or Mole NFT with a Weapon! This grants a 50% staking bonus to your Rabbit or Mole, and marks you as a battle-hardened warrior in the historic Mole Wars battle.