Battle Class NFTs

Battle Class NFTs mint Q2 2023.

Another first-in-space. These special NFTs grant your favorite pfp a set of stats for the Mole Wars Battle App: Strength, Agility, Wit, Health, Reflexes, and Luck. These stats allow you to attack, deal damage, resist damage, and add bonuses to your rolls.
There are 12 Battle Classes for Rabbits, 12 for Moles, and 12 for Outlanders.
Each Battle Class is unique, and each has different strengths and weaknesses. All are perfectly balanced and fair.
Which Battle Class will you choose for your favorite NFT? Mole Inquisitor? Rabbit Tunnel Fighter? Outlander StimFreak?

Ok, so what’s an Outlander?

An Outlander is any NFT that isn’t an OG Rabbit, Mole, or Rabbit Supreme.

Does that mean I can play Mole Wars with any Cardano NFT I want as my character?

Yes it does. If you hold a Weapon and an Outlander Battle Class NFT, you can play with your favorite Ape, Croc, Derp, Disco, Degen, Kong, Mandrill, Mantis, MOB, Mallard, Veggie, Ugly Bro, Yummi, or anything else. If you really want to trip your opponents out, you could play with an Unsigned Algo.
And when you win, you’ll be able to blast a Victory! tweet that trumpets your triumph with that NFT out to the adoring masses.