Put your rabbit to work!

Do you hold a Dead Rabbit? In addition to rabbit staking in the DRRS stakepool, $DEAD rewards, tons of $DEAD use cases, and almost daily discord games, we currently host 2 Utility Events in discord per week for holders, always on the same days.
That's Monday and Wednesday, if you're in the Western Hemisphere.

Dead Rabbits means Utility

*1000s of WL spots and NFTs given away for free through our Utility Events
*$DEAD Rewards
*$DEADSTORE: Claim WL and NFTs from DRRS and other projects, using $DEAD
*IRL worldwide events
*Space-breaking hunts and games
*The DRRS Weapons mint is LIVE here: https://armory.secretgoats.io/login
*Upgrades: You can NOW Equip your Dead Rabbit with a Weapon! Equipping costs 20k $DEAD. Both your Equipped Rabbit, AND the Weapon you Equipped get a 50% staking bonus, when staked in the DRRS stakepool. Weapons appear graphically on your Rabbit NFT, and show up in the metadata as well, increaing your Rabbit's rarity.